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Skin Camouflage or Scar Camouflage is the process of tattooing the skin with various colours of flesh tone pigments to give evenness of colour to areas of colour loss. Depigmentation or colour loss, is caused through medical procedures, accidents (e.g burns), congenital anomalies, or through various types of skin disease. As with tattoo makeup procedures skin camouflage or scar camouflage is redone after healing. For the above however, procedures may be redone more than twice, with pigment colour change applied along the way. One must be patient for best results.

To decide whether you are a good candidate for repigmentation, you need to recognise that your scar or skin is stable in colour, and healed. Your skin would be settled in colour, and would be relatively flat with a smooth surface. There would be no redness, pink skin or surface ‘bumpyness’.

Advise your doctor or physician, if you are under care, that you wish to undergo skin colour tattooing.

Cosmetic tattoo is not generally used for freckles or sun spots, birthmarks or changeable skin conditions. For example, vitiligo (which is not in remission) is not recommended. You are not a candidate for micro pigmentation if you want dark circles under the eyes erased or veins camouflaged.

Camouflage skin colour tattooing gives confidence to those who have skin that appears damaged or abnormal in some way. However, appreciate that while change and ‘normality’ may be restored to the skin, realistic expectations are required, and aftercare is essential.

To reiterate, we can improve the skins’ appearance, but cannot remove scars or bring an abnormality back to perfection. Why? Constant changes of body temperature, age and sun exposure may alter colour surrounding the newly tattooed skin so that that skin becomes darker or lighter, depending on the circumstances. The skin’s surface may also stay irregular, depending on the original circumstances.

As with any other semi-permanent tattoo on the face, the new procedure will look brighter and darker than you might expect. This changes within three or more days as the superficial pigment dries and exfoliates. Sometimes the skin may need more than two procedures or may in fact reject the pigmentation altogether. We ask you to be realistic, patient, and understand that sometimes it can take weeks for your new colour implantation to look and feel part of you again.

Finally, a colour spot test is given initially so we may follow the progress and outcome of the colour-corrected skin. We offer a free consultation for scar or skin camouflage.


Above photos: Before picture of Paul's damaged eyebrow and 4 days after cosmetic tattoo - right


Football scar


Camouflage 4 days after first appointment


3 months after procedure