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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo


  • Rectification and Colour Corrections – Price based on requirements
  • Eyebrows (subtle powdered look) $350
  • Eyebrows (natural hairline strokes) $350
  • Eyebrows (combination of powdered look and hairline strokes) $350
  • Second appointment within 2-8 wks $150
  • Special treatments – price based on requirements
  • Scar Treatments and Tattoo Removal – Price based on requirements

What makes eyebrow tattooing at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo special?

Janey has many skills for providing relaxation using several techniques and modalities, plus the use of up to the minute topical anaesthetics. We want you to enjoy your eyebrow makeup tattooing experience.

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Eyebrows are a major facial feature. It is understood that their main function is to protect the eye, however research has shown that eyebrows have other functions too. They provide clues for facial recognition and cues to an individual's identity. Their appearance and shape can impart mood and communicate emotion. They are also important to human communication and facial expression; many makeup artists regard eyebrows as a major attribute in defining the face. The eyebrows can help shape the human face and give definition to one's eyes and forehead.


Image Image
Here are recently refreshed and healed brows. The original micro blading was done a little over 2yrs previous to these images.


Image Image image
Before Powdery wide and dark brows requested Healed


Image Image image image
Before After


Image Image Image
Corrective before After


Image Image image image
Lilly before After


Image Image image


Image Image image
Immediately after second procedure


Image Image
Dramatic brows immediately after


Image image


Image image
A client before adjustments Exquisite new brows immediately after


Image Image image image
Before Immediately after


Image image
Another new client before ready for exquisite new brows


Image Image image
After the first procedure looking great... ...from all sides.


Image Image
J before.. ...and after her brows had healed.


Image Image
Sandra before... ..and after.


Sandra ready to go!


Image Image image
Before.. ...and immediately after.


Image Image
My client's latest boost. Initial procedure three years ago


Image Image image
After minimalistic procedure......


Image Image
.....later my client decided to go bolder.


Image Image image
Another client with well healed brows ready for some final touches picture updated below


Image Image
Feels like... Wonder woman!


Image Image image
Before first procedure. client wants natural look


Image Image image
After first procedure. same client as above second procedure to be done soon


image image image
An Alopecia client before procedure. This is a first procedure, design the brow. Later more detail and random hairs will be added within the brow area. The hairstroke procedure is particularly useful here - we can even put the odd fine hair out of place to add more naturalness.


Image Image image
Before first procedure. Healed second procedure. Focus was on a new design to beautifully
compliment the face.
This image shows how the new shape lifts and compliments the face



Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoo Healed
Before brow tattoo makeup.
It's very common to have
scant brow hair, any age.
First work just completed,
and will heal to a soft brown.


Before Tattoo Immediately after 1st appointment Adjustments after healing Immediately after 2nd procedure
Before cosmetic tattoo Immediately after brow cosmetic tattoo. The pigment is on the skin and under
the skin. After 3 or 4 days, the top layer will peel or flake off.
Adjustments are after the first healing is completed. You can see the cosmetic tattoo as it is, under the skin. Immediately after the second procedure. The healed brow will heal to a lovely colour and requested design.


Full face - before faded uneven discoloured brows Immediately after first procedure Healed first procedure


Janey has had permanent makeup testimonials from women on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and overseas, whose permanent brow enhancement has brought about a life changing experience. They realize that their uniquely sculptured eyebrows created by Janey, have given them the 'face' they desired for most of their lives. The dramatic changes in appearance, outlook on life, and self esteem cannot be exaggerated.


Eyebrows Before Natural Look Eyebrows After
‘Natural look brows’ before Immediately after Six months after final application


During the process colour is carefully selected with you, based on skin, hair toning and personal preference. A good technician will listen to the client's ideas and concerns and discuss and alleviate any fears that are felt by the client. The preparation includes a trial run where the technician will draw onto the brow the proposed design for the client to approve. The client should be entirely content with colour shape and position, before anything is committed to.


Eyebrows Before   Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner and Eyebrows
Understated top eyeliner   Client sent this picture after brow work and full eyeliner were nearly completed


Cosmetic tattoo eyeliner complements beautiful brows, read more here.